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Drake ✌ Dreams Money Can Buy

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dj centrelink

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does anyone know how to do this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ without googling shrug guy and copy pasting

im literally gonna smell like beef

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medium beef aroma

That sounds so scary also I’m sure there’s probably like a ten minute YouTube tutorial on how to differentiate between different steaks

ya ill look it up i just watched one on how to carry plates lol

What’s the job

ugh like a waiter at this steak restaurant i didnt think i even had enough experience to get the job so im nervous about the trial thing cus i dont even think ill get it and ill make a fool out of myself also its in this business area and its where business people go for lunch and i hate business people

send me asks while i paint the gold buttons on my jeans black with nail polish



this just in - taurus is a hoe


so basically.. farm hoe?

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at my interview i said i could carry 3 plates at a time and tell the difference between different types of beef and i cant and im doing this trial tomorrow and hes gonna notice also im supposed to wear trousers but i only have black jeans ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ shrug guy

this just in - taurus is a hoe

i cant wait till i can have a job where i just work from home or in me own little office and hardly have to speak to anyone

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